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Company History
TLC EntranceFrom the beginning, in 1964, the Company expanded into an integrated organization providing the design and fabrication of precision carbide dies, laminations produced from a vast variety of specialty electrical steel alloys, the annealing of magnetic materials and the production of complete electric motor subassemblies, including rotors and stators. The Company-owned plant and production facilities are in the Maple Shade industrial park where they began, except that they have expanded from their modest beginnings to over 70,000 square feet of the most modern production facilities and equipment in the lamination industry. The Company location in Southern New Jersey is five miles east of Philadelphia and adjacent to the New Jersey Turnpike, just off Exit 4.

Ownership of the Company remained in the Thomson family for a period after the death of its founder, John B. Thomson. The Company was then aquired by Sterling A. Martin in November, 1993, who had been the Vice-President and General Manager under Mr. Thomson.

Under the present management, the Company completed the facilities and personnel expansion noted above so that it is more capable than ever of providing a full range of lamination related products and full technical support to customer engineering in develoing both the electrical and mechanical specifications of new lamination designs. Also, Thomson Lamination Co. (TLC) offers a very large number of catalog laminations available from Company owned production dies that customers can consider and evaluate before designing a new lamination. There are no tooling charges for production from TLC owned dies.
TLC Entrance
In addition to fully progressive and compound carbide dies and hovis ring dies, TLC offers a unique proprietary master insert die design. These insert dies can produce medium quantity production parts at a price close to that of a full progressive die, but with substantially lower tooling cost.

Prototypes and small quantities can be produced from low cost short run dies with delivery as short as a few weeks.
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