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A major engineering function is to work closely with customer personnel to ensure that the die layout is the most economical and efficient for the type and complexity of the specific lamination. Engineering can assist in the customer’s product development by providing prototypes for test and evaluation using wire EDM, notch or laser processes for laminations or complete core assemblies.

TLC uses the latest Cad Cam technology in fabrication all dies, which are usually quoted as Class I carbide progressive. For some requirements, however, it is more economical to use TLC owned master insert dies, which are available for sizes up to 7-¼ inches. For these the customer purchases only the insert components needed for the part configuration, rather than buying a complete progressive die.

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Wire EDM

TLC has three Charmilles Wire EDM machines arranged in a climate controlled and noise reduction atmosphere. These machines have powerful NC systems designed for multitasking. This enables the operator to prepare a program while machining. They also have powerful generator and injection pressures that result in high speed machining. Correct part geometry is ensured because the position of the wire guides is constantly maintained and the clamping system provides quick set-up and accurate work piece positioning.

Wire EDM
Wire EDM Wire EDM

CNC Machining

TLC has CNC lathe and vertical machining centers with machining capabilities of 30" x 60" x 30" travel. Our machines are equipped with glass scales to ensure critical positioning accuracy and heavy duty spindles and motors for strength and reliability.
Wire EDM


A group of highly skilled and experienced toolmakers and machinists operate the TLC Toolroom. The Toolroom is equipped with state-of-the-art, precision equipment. All of our mechanics are crosstrained on all surface grinders, jig grinders, CNC lathes, CNC machining centers and wire EDM. The Toolroom manufactures all types of tooling; progressive, insert, notching as well as wire EDM and laser cut laminations. The Toolroom also manufactures assembly fixtures for the Stack Assembly Department.

All measuring equipment is checked, calibrated and laboratory tested in accordance with the National Institute of Standards and Testing and in compliance with AS 9100, ISO 9001-2008 and European Standard EN 9100. All other critical test equipment, comparators, surface plates & jig grinders are under contract to be maintained in accordance with manufacturers original specifications. All of these procedures and their frequency are incorporated in the TLC Quality Control manual.

TLC offers three layout options for different production requirements. While the objective is to provide a layout which offers the most economical opportunities for the anticipated production requirements, all options result in a precision part. Short run and prototype requirements can be produced by notch tooling, wire EDM or laser cut. The tooling cost is low but the piece part is significantly higher.

Intermediate tooling for quantities of up to five million can be fabricated using TLC's proprietary extensive Master Die Insert program, which offers all the advantages of a full production tool but at a much lower cost. For higher production requirements, Carbide Progressive Tooling is available with guarantees to 100 million parts. The Toolroom is responsible for the maintenance and repair of all production tooling, both TLC and customer owned. TLC will maintain all customer tooling at no charge for the guaranteed life of the tooling. TLC conducts an in-house apprentice training program which ensures the continuous availability of qualified personnel.

Thomson Lamination Company - Tool Room Photo

TLC Tool Room Photo

TLC Tool Room Photo

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