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Die Repair
The Die Service Department is responsible for the maintenance and repair of all production dies. Written records are retained in this department for all repair and grinding work performed on both TLC and customer owned dies. Daily die sheets record all setups and the number of die strokes. With all of this data the present condition and estimated remaining life of the tool can be determined. There is no charge for die service or repair of a customer owned die as long as it remains in the possession of TLC.

All dies are inspected after each production run and before return to storage. Any required maintenance work is done at this time. This ensures that the die is always ready for production so that there is no schedule delay the next time it is needed for production.

 The TLC Stamping Department is equipped with a variety of high-speed presses with capacities up to 200 tons capable of running dies up to 24 by 60 inches in physical size. TLC has continually updated its press facilities with the most modern, computer-controlled machines in order to produce the type of precision, close tolerance parts that represent the majority of the Company’s products.

In addition to production quantities, TLC can produce prototypes and short runs at economical prices including tooling with very short lead times. This is accomplished by using various processes that, depending upon the tolerances and complexity of the part, include notch tooling, laser cut laminations or wire EDM laminations.

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