Catalog of Dies

Catalog Laminations

Thomson Lamination Co. (TLC) offers a very large number of catalog laminations available from Company owned production dies that customers can consider and evaluate before designing a new lamination. There are no tooling charges for production from TLC owned dies.


In addition to fully progressive and compound carbide dies and hovis ring dies, TLC offers a unique proprietary master insert die design. These insert dies can produce medium quantity production parts at a price close to that of a full progressive die, but with a substantially lower tooling cost.
Prototypes and small quantities can be produced from low cost short run dies with delivery as short as a few weeks.

Standard Offerings

Please click on the links below to view the majority of our standard offerings:

Rotor (PDF)

Dumbell Rotor (PDF)

Ring (PDF)

Stator (PDF)

When ordering a TLC Catalog lamination, it must be purchased to the TLC drawing dimensions and tolerances.

Contact us for additional information, and to request a full sized print detailing all the dimensions and tolerances.

Here is an example of the kind of print we would be supplying: