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Custom Manufacturer of Laminations & Complete Stator and Rotor Assemblies


Assembly of Laminated Stator and Rotor Stacks

Thomson Lamination Company, Inc. (TLC®). A modern, state of the art, specialty lamination stamping company utilizing high alloy materials, with high temperature annealing and assembly capabilities in controlled Hydrogen and Nitrogen atmospheres

High-end specialty and niche-market stamped laminations with extremely tight tolerances for use in mission-critical rotating components, annealed at high temperatures in controlled atmospheres.

Serving Military, Aerospace, Medical, Machine Tool and Energy Industries

military  aerospace  medical  MachiningEnergy Industry

Assembled laminations for critical applications in the military, aerospace, medical, machine tool and energy and other technically challenging markets. Our competitive prototyping and short run or production stampings meet the most stringent quality benchmarks for the most exacting applications. For intensive environments, our rotating components can provide the same performance package, yet smaller, faster and lighter, thanks to special alloys such as Cobalt and Nickel and optimized form factors.


Full Service Turnkey Solution

We pride ourselves on being a one stop shop for our customers. Our highly trained technical staff has the knowledge, expertise & experience to support your project every step of the way, from a loose lamination to a finished core assembly ready for winding.


Our Stamping Department is equipped with a variety of high-speed presses with capacities up to 250 tons capable of running dies up to 36 by 72 inches in physical size.


 Because of the versatility and accuracy of the TLC annealing facilities, subcontract annealing of customer parts has become a standard service at TLC.

Assembly and Grinding

Processes include stacking, bonding, staking, riveting, welding, fluidizing (epoxy insulation), grinding and honing.

Tool Room

 All of our toolmakers are crosstrained on all surface grinders, jig grinders, CNC lathes, CNC machining centers and wire EDM.

Die Service

This Department is responsible for the maintenance and repair of all production dies. All dies are inspected after each production run and before return to storage.

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