Thomson Lamination Company provides every capability required to serve your needs under one roof. Partner with us for assistance producing:

  • Precision Carbide Dies
  • Magnetic Core Assemblies
  • Proto, Short, and Production-Run Stampings
  • Custom Assemblies
  • Annealing Magnetic Materials

All of our departments work closely together to achieve the highest quality outcome for your project. Read on to learn more about each of our capabilities and how they work to bring your project to life.

Stack Prototyping Services

Lamination stacks consist of layers of sheet material separated by electrical insulation. Under dynamic magnetic loading, these lamination stacks suppress eddy current losses. Vehicles used in the defense industry, certain medical devices, and different types of guidance systems rely on lamination stacks for reliable functioning.

At Thomson Lamination Company, we offer lamination stack prototyping solutions that meet our customers’ unique requirements. Our prototyping solutions ensure that the lamination stacks will function properly for their respective applications before we commit to high-volume production runs. Whether you need a standard or custom solution, our team has the equipment and skills to meet your specifications.

Motor Lamination Stamping & Precision Metal Stamping

Motor lamination stamping is an important part of the overall electric motor manufacturing process and entails using specialized presses, dies, and techniques to form the desired laminations. Electrical steel sheets are the most common form of stock material.

With the help of stamping processes, these laminations meet tight specifications with optimal uniformity, precise dimensions, and superior quality, all of which contribute to the electric motor’s operational efficiency and reliability.

Our precision metal stamping capabilities go beyond conventional stamping by using customized dies and tools in stamping presses that transform sheet metal into specific parts. Many industries rely on precision metal stamping to produce large volumes of products and components with high levels of accuracy, precision, and efficiency.

The resulting products can meet the needs of critical industries, like aerospace and automotive, that require a level of precision not possible through traditional stamping processes. Precision metal stamping can create parts such as:

  • Rings
  • Stators
  • Rotors
  • Linear laminations


Annealing is a type of heat treatment that uses thermal energy to dislocate a material’s crystalline structure, resulting in reduced hardness and increased ductility.

Materials may undergo annealing following a cold working or hardening fabrication process to make the material more formable and less brittle for future processing. Annealing also reduces residual stress that might otherwise generate mechanical issues like cracks, and it can optimize the material’s machinability by preventing wear and tear.

Assembly & Grinding

When manufacturing laminated motors, two of the final processes are assembly and grinding. The utmost accuracy and care are necessary to produce the ideal results with each process.

During assembly, the motor laminations are stacked and secured via staking, bonding, riveting, or welding. Then, the inside or outside diameters are ground and smoothed out until they reach the correct dimensions. At Thomson Lamination Company, we can guarantee ultra-precise ID and OD tolerances of +/- 0.0001”, even for flexible, delicate, or thin stack materials. Our advanced inspection machinery can verify roundness and concentricity with an accuracy of 30 millionths of an inch.


The skilled machinists and toolmakers at Thomson Lamination Company operate our in-house toolroom. Every machinist is cross-trained on all equipment, and we run a comprehensive in-house training program for apprentices to ensure that qualified workers are always available to serve our customers’ needs.

Die Service

Metal stamping die maintenance, inspections, and cleaning are necessary to keep stamped products consistent and accurate. We perform these key services to maximize the service life of all metal die cutting equipment.

Lamination Services from Thomson Lamination

Need dependable lamination services for your project? Thomson Lamination Company offers high-end, niche-market, and specialty stamped lamination solutions, with the ability to meet some of the tightest tolerances. Our custom capabilities produce various mission-critical rotating components, heat treated in controlled environments at high temperatures.

Contact us today to learn more about our precision metal stamping, lamination heat treating, toolroom, and other services. You can also request a quote to get started on a project.