Industries Served

Founded in 1964 by John B. Thomson, Thomson Lamination Company (TLC) offers leading manufacturing services and solutions to meet different industry needs. We produce motor laminations for industries requiring exacting motor performance in rotating components. Over the years, we have expanded our facilities and capabilities to keep up with the increasing customer requirements for fabricated precision carbide dies, laminations from electrical steel alloys, and the production of electrical motor subassemblies. TLC is located in Maple Shade, New Jersey, where it began and has now grown into a modern production facility in the lamination industry.

Types Of Custom-Made Products Available

We manufacture custom products for the following industries:



TLC manufactures custom metal laminations for military equipment that ensure enhanced protection and durability in combat situations. Manufacturing for defense and military applications requires precision, efficiency, and high-performance levels. So we pay extra attention to product details during production to meet quality standards. We use motor lamination steel in our assemblies to build equipment with metal components from lam stacks for tanks, aircraft, destroyers, and aircraft carriers, to smart bombs, ship laser weapons, and missile defense programs.



Aerospace is a sensitive, safety-critical industry with strict requirements for metal components, including precise measurements and tight tolerances. TLC builds parts that meet aerospace performance and quality standards for light to heavy-duty applications. We use advanced equipment to deliver superior aerospace components, including stator and rotor assemblies for generators and power units, landing systems, and braking systems.



TLC's unique manufacturing process allows the fabrication of custom parts for various medical equipment quickly and economically. Our assembly capabilities allow us to include various cutting-edge fabrication procedures to build small metal medical components in ultra-fine sizes. We use medical-grade steel laminations to build surgical power tools for procedures in neurosurgery, reconstructive surgery, and spinal surgery.


Machine Tool

TLC provides innovative designs for segments and components used in machine tools, increasing their performance and reliability for more demanding applications. Our production process creates laminations with improved balance and perpendicularity for improved motor performance. We fabricate laminations for X-Y axis machines and electric motor laminations for multi-surface grinders like twin turret grinders.

Energy Industry


TLC pushes the boundaries of lamination technology to produce components that enhance energy transmission and optimize performance and reliability. We produce highly accurate parts and create precise laminations with a high tolerance for applications in power generation equipment for solar, wind, and nuclear.

Why Choose Thomson Lamination?

Thomson Lamination Company provides a wide range of capabilities, all under one roof, to serve your every need. Since we do everything in-house, we have streamlined the manufacturing process allowing us to reduce lead times and offer cost-effective solutions.

Our years of experience make us experts in manufacturing:

  • Precision Carbide Dies
  • Magnetic Core Assemblies
  • Custom Assemblies
  • Annealing Magnetic Materials
  • Proto, Short, and Production-Run Stampings

When you choose TLC, you're choosing a reliable partner and the top choice for high-quality industrial manufacturing.

Specialty Lamination & Stamping by TLC

In the production of motor laminations and high-end specialty or niche-market stamped electrical parts, every aspect demands precision and a comprehensive understanding of the manufacturing processes.

At Thomson Lamination Company, we integrate assembly processes that ensure the production of high-quality components and reduced production time. Our experienced experts leverage our facility's cutting-edge material processing technologies and machines to deliver innovative solutions for different industries and applications.

For more information, contact us today to speak to a member of our team.