TLC is a large volume supplier to this industry. Defense and military operations place high demands on equipment and TLC supports a high percentage of this demand. We provide motor laminations and lamstacks for military tanks, ship based laser weapons, missile programs & defense, smart bombs, military aircraft, aircraft carriers and destroyers.



TLC is involved in building rotor and stator assemblies utilized in auxiliary power units, generators and other avionics. This includes aircraft landing and braking systems.



TLC is a major supplier of lamstacks for use in high speed surgical power tools. Our precision instruments are used in many procedures including spine, reconstructive and neurosurgery.


Machine Tool

TLC has supported the Machine Tool industry for its entire existence.  We stamp linear laminations for the manufacturing of X-Y axis machines. Our laminations and stacks are used in motors for multi-surface grinders including twin turret grinding systems.

Energy Industry


TLC stamps laminations for power generation applications such as wind, solar and nuclear. Our lamination stacks are also used for down hole drilling operations, pumps and compressed air.