Exploring the Diverse Industries That TLC Supports

John B. Thomson founded Thomson Lamination Company, Inc. (TLC®) in 1964 to fill the need for high-end, tight-tolerance stamped electrical components in niche or specialty markets. Today, our product line includes motor laminations and related products with mission-critical applications in the rotating components of a broad spectrum of industries. They go through a high-temperature annealing process within a controlled atmosphere in-house.

To meet the high performance and quality requirements of industries like aerospace, medical, and the military, we use specialty alloys like nickel and cobalt. This allows us to design rotating components that are strong enough to handle harsh environmental conditions but lightweight, compact, and fast enough to meet industry needs. Adhering to our own set of exacting standards, our expert teams ensure quality for orders of any size. We offer competitive prototyping, short-run, and full-production stampings to best serve our diverse client base.

TLC’s Extensive Product Capabilities

We offer comprehensive in-house capabilities to be your single source for stamped electrical components. With close collaboration, our departments produce motor stampings, stator laminations, and more, of the highest quality so that you can achieve success in any application. Our extensive product capabilities include the following:

  • Precision carbide dies
  • Magnetic core assemblies
  • Proto-, short-, and production-run stampings
  • Custom assemblies
  • Annealing magnetic materials

Industries We Serve

TLC offers mission-critical assembled laminations for technically challenging industries such as the medical, military, aerospace, energy, and machine tool sectors. An overview of the industries we serve includes:

  • Medical. For reconstructive, spinal, cranial, and neurosurgery, we supply healthcare organizations with large quantities of precision-made lamination stacks for high-speed power tool applications.
  • Military. Offering large-scale manufacturing for the military, we provide motor laminations and lamstacks to meet the industry’s stringent quality standards. They’re applicable in a variety of military equipment, including tanks, destroyers, aircraft carriers, planes, drones, laser weaponry, smart bombs, and missile defense.
  • Aerospace. TLC fabricates stator and rotor assemblies for generators, auxiliary power units, and other avionics systems, including those for aircraft braking and landing applications.
  • Energy. Our stamped laminations are key components within solar, wind, and nuclear power generation projects for the energy sector. For compressed air, pumps, and down-hole drilling equipment, we offer lamination stacks.
  • Machine Tool. Linear laminations from TLC support X-Y axis equipment manufacturing in the machine tool industry. We also produce laminations and lamstacks for motors within multi-surface grinders with twin turret grinding systems.

Our Quality Process

TLC is committed to offering quality products, full engineering support, and superior customer service, which is why we’ve implemented our quality program to meet customer expectations and all electromechanical specifications for each part we make. Through set quality procedures and our inspection capabilities, we evaluate and audit our products for tight tolerances and our program for effectiveness. We believe in continual improvement, regularly reviewing our processes and Quality Management System (QMS) for innovation opportunities to enhance component quality while ensuring on-time delivery.

Specialty Lamination by Thomson Lamination Company (TLC)

At Thomson Lamination Company, we deliver complete technical support and turnkey production services under one roof to a diverse client base. We fabricate high-quality motor laminations, carbide dies, assemblies, stampings, and more in our state-of-the-art facility of almost 76,000 square feet. Our team builds our products for intensive environments, offering you the performance you need in mission-critical applications, no matter your industry. Contact us today for more information on how TLC can support your operations.